Sunday, April 18, 2010

Training home

We escaped to Wales this weekend to hang out with Bobby and get some much needed downtime. It was sunny, so hot and we bathed in the glorious weather all day with some playtime with the new baby donkey, which is just so adorable!

Had a lovely time eating, drinking, talking and hanging out with our wonderful (large) family.

On train back now and our reading time was rudely interrupted by the wail of U2's "Still Havent Found What I'm Looking" for. I look over to Helena was smiles her fantastically knowing grin and looks for her headphones to drown out this groan inducing tune. I look for the culprit and it's the dude sitting behind her- long hair, leather jacket, dressed in black with beer can in hand thrilled to bits with his U2 sesh. I really do rue the day damn product developers of mobile phones thought it would be a good thing to add in radio and speakers.

And I am sometimes reminded that there are stereotypes you can't ignore. Still got an hour to go!

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