Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cola Life

An initiative by someone who thinks that the Coca Cola world distribution network (which is so massive and robust) should be used to transport and deliver essential goods and items to those in poor countries. So ironic but in deep dark African nations, you find lack of shelter, medicine, schools etc but there is always a Coke sign and a shop selling it. Just such a damn good idea.


Anonymous said...

i love coca-cola, but "deep dark African nations"

wow, that's a bit culturally neo-colonialist of you. Why must you propagate the mythical 'deep, dark, mysterious' Black Africa that dominates the West's perception of Africa as the 'dark' continent?

It's the 21st Century for God's sake

LB said...

Neo-colonialist? How ignorant, you don't even know me and yet you assume this is my opinion of Africa...

Can I just ask you to look at the context of my post which states that there are some very remote places in Africa that have neither shelter nor clean water but yet the Coca Cola you love so much manages to use their network to get this unhealthy sweet drink there.

Its time we use these networks for the greater good, its the 21st Century for GOD'S SAKE.