Monday, November 12, 2007

Life's goings on

I have been so rubbish about blogging ever since I came back to the real world. Its not due to any particular reason except for the fact that time is flying before my very eyes and things are moving at an incredible speed.

I've got a job, its been fantastic and with a company I really like, respect and believe that my ideas have a fighting chance of making themselves heard. Its been super busy, they put their faith in me and that has been inspiring in itself - always makes you work harder knowing someone else is leaving you to do it the way you think best. Work took me to Madrid, Spain for a mind blowing week of heavy work, culture, beautiful weather, new friends (Rodrigo & Santi) and brushing up on my Spanish. It made me long for our days in Argentina just drifting through these sweet little plaza's and wining and dining.

The wedding - is going full steam ahead. The invitations are printed and on their way to us here in London courtesy of my cousin... my parents are being absolute champions running around getting everything done, its been so difficult to make decisions on things that just require you to see it to know and say yes or no. But we're working through it, and a lot of it you just have to let it go and know that in the long run, its going to be a beautiful day with my family and the man I love and that is what is most important. Its so easy to get lost in the detail and lose your mind over it, which just isn't what its about. My parents have been doing so much though and it makes me just want to get on a plane (which i am not so fond of) and go over there. Less than a month though! Yikes!!!!!

I feel really happy and lucky. Its all so very exciting, especially as we have so many wonderful people coming to Sri Lanka (you know who you are!).

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