Saturday, April 14, 2007

Foz to Florianopolis

It has been a little disorientating trying to realise that we are in a whole other country with a wholly different culture, attitude, habit and mostly language. Good Lord Portugese is a difficult language to pick up and understand, also it is oddly vulgar (i can´t think of another word as I know that can seem pretty offensive but it gives an idea of what I mean) to the ear. I was so used to how the Argentine´s were proud of their pronounciations, like the a was a "aah" and you dragged it out and everything was anunciated. However here, it is like they swallow their letters and phoenetics and the a sounds like the o in the word "come". I am probably confusing you. So I will stop here.

Floripá is a large city, south of Sao Paolo and Rio, and it is on an island called Ilha de Santa Catarina - which is an island very popular for surfing, bikini watching and snorkeling not to mention just general exploring. Alot of the beaches can only be accessed by foot. But we rented a car because we figured that it would be easiest to get about on the island - it is roughly an hours drive from the north of the island to the south which is pretty cool if you think about it. The south east is the best for surfing and away from the awful family tourists, trashed young students and perfect for us semi partying chilled folk.

There are some fantastic beaches, we discovered one which we spent a few days was on a small jutting piece of land off the east edge of the island, which was literally a big hill that sloped down to the beach and it was white sand, clear bright blue waters, lots of surfers and no tourists. Perfect.

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