Tuesday, October 10, 2006


We're living in critical times if the world stands united against North Korea for testing a bomb in their own basement, but not united when 1000's of innocent lives are lost because the United States and United Kingdom invade another sovereign state in the interests Of International democracy and Liberation (O.I.L).

It is absolutely unbelievable that the US, UK, Russia, China and many 'others' are outraged at the North Korea's nuclear test when it is conveniently omitted that these very countries with their large accusing foam hands, have their own nuclear weapons. Where do they test theirs? Why is it any different, why is it that they get to have nuclear weapons and other countries don't? What is this supposed criteria? Do you have to be a country lead by a person who lacks any moral intelligence, who's father was a president so it makes it ok for him to be? This entire primitive, not from the west, not adopting western forms of life, not accepting a few country's keep policies stance - does this make them uneligible for this exclusive group?

I can't believe educated people around the world accept this hypocrisy. Also it just makes me sick to think how irresponsible the media is being. Sick.

I find it almost hilarious that a newspaper (if you can call it that), the Metro, with such low standards of objective reportage says that the world is against this madman Kim Jong-Il, I'd like to know where exactly they got this interesting fact. Also the fact that its almost as if N Korea exploded this bomb in someone else's backyard. We do not even know for sure whether this bomb exploded - it might have just fizzed out unsuccessfully. Though I have to admit it is foreign diplomatic suicide for N Korea to admit that they had tested nuclear weapons. They should have just kept their mouths shut.

Even funnier to read the front page headline of Lite London tabloid - 'The bomb that shook the world'. Obviously Nikki from Big Brother wasn't doing anything exciting like filing her nails for them to put on their front page.


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dulo said...

Hey Leah, Its Dulee, remenber me? Saw that you had left a comment on Tiru's Blog so gave yours a click.
True what you say here, but I think the biggest problem with N.Korea is that they are prioritizing nuclear arms development when more than half the country is starving! All the money that they make by selling drugs, forgery, weapons etc, all go not to the starving millions, but by the looks of it his stomach! He's just hungered for power and achieves it by instilling fear in his own people and now I guess the rest of us. SO, yes, it is unfortunate that everyone is reacting to the failed nuclear test, but its high time we did something about ol' Jong. I'm not saying that barging into another counrties business is good, agreed, but keeping a blind eye to the situation is also irresponsible. I dont know the solution, but I'm guessing that sanctions will only worsen the situation for inocent civilians. What's should be the best answer.......